Oct. 31, 2022

Making MAKA: Trailer

Making MAKA: Trailer

MAKING MAKA is a behind the scenes look (or should we say listen) into our beverage startup’s journey to launching, building, scaling, and sustaining our CPG brand: MAKA. Episodes are hosted by the company’s founder, Brian Hill, the amazingly talented & memorable Russell Hirshon.

Each week Making MAKA will take you on the ups & downs of the rollercoaster ride that is called entrepreneurship – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sometimes funny. Whether you’re considering your own CPG startup or simply interested in listening about an entrepreneurial journey, we hope that by sharing our experiences, mistakes, learnings, and interviews that you feel better armed to tackle your goals, or at minimum have a giggle or two.

Making MAKA releases 30-min episodes weekly.

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For more information about the podcast please go to www.makingmaka.com and try our MAKA beverages at www.livingmaka.com.

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Follow the Brand at:
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Making MAKA is a recap of the leadership team's personal journey & experiences, your entrepreneurial journey will and should be different, so please take this podcast for what it is, war stories, not specific recommendations or guidance.