Making MAKA

Making MAKA

MAKING MAKA is a behind the scenes look (or should we say listen) into our beverage startup’s journey to launching, building, scaling, and sustaining our CPG brand: MAKA. Episodes are hosted by the company’s founder, Brian Hill, the amazingly talented & memorable Russell Hirshon.

Each week Making MAKA will take you on the ups & downs of the rollercoaster ride that is called entrepreneurship – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sometimes funny. Whether you’re considering your own CPG startup or simply interested in listening about an entrepreneurial journey, we hope that by sharing our experiences, mistakes, learnings, and interviews that you feel better armed to tackle your goals, or at minimum have a giggle or two.

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E14: Still learning (Expo West Recap)

March 28, 2023

Brian, Russ, (and newly minted) Jeff discuss their experience at MAKA's first Expo West. Have they told you MAKA was awarded Best New Beverage of 2023? Yeah we thought so, don't be afraid to tell them to shut up about it! Fo…

E13: Awards Season (Expo West & NEXTY Award)

March 7, 2023

Brian & Russ talk about preparing for Expo West, the company's expo strategy, and winning the NEXTY Award for Best New Beverage of 2023! The team is joined by a special guest, Jeff Maher, who was recently hired at MAKA as it…

E12: Sprouting Up! (Retailer Launch)

Feb. 7, 2023

Brian & Russ talk about preparing to launch nationwide in Sprouts Farmers Market, as well as provide important updates on being selected as an Expo West NEXTY finalist for Best New Beverage of 2023, hiring Jeff Maher as SVP …

E11: Give It To Me Baby! (Sampling)

Jan. 24, 2023

In this episode Brian & Russ discuss in-store (and out-of-store) sampling best practices, plus an update on a new investor... here's a hint "shots, shots, shots, everybody!" and he means wheatgrass shots by the way! Follow t…

E10: A table between us! (Selling Shows)

Jan. 3, 2023

Brian & Russ recap MAKA's 2022 and then dive into their experience at the company's first trade selling show. Follow the podcast at: Making MAKA Website Making MAKA Instagram Making MAKA Facebook Making MAKA Youtube Follow t…

E9: Make a plan... and then scrap it (Go to Market Strategy)

Dec. 20, 2022

Brian & Russ talk about MAKA's go to market strategy and some of their experiences along the way. Follow the podcast at: Making MAKA Website Making MAKA Instagram Making MAKA Facebook Making MAKA Youtube Follow the Brand at:…

About the Hosts

Russell HirshonProfile Photo

Russell Hirshon

Director, MāKā

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Brian Hill

Founder & CEO, MāKā